August 29, 2013

Family Home Evening

Late posting...I wrote this last week & then totally forgot to post.  Better late than never. Enjoy :)

This evening (Wednesday 28th August), I attended a family home evening at the local chapel for the LDS church.

Personally I have never attended a family home evening before, or been part of one before.
From what I could gather, a family home evening is where you all get together and watch a message or two about Christ and have a small discussion about Christ in your life. Afterwards you all come together to share supper (Milo & biscuits).

I really enjoyed meeting some of the members of the ward and sharing in Christ with other like minded people.

I have always liked the way that LDS members are always so friendly and nice, and always take the time to talk to you whether you're an active member of an LDS ward or whether you're just there to check the whole thing out.

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