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November 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Today is my Mum's birthday!!

Happy Birthday Mum!!

My mum has always been there for me no matter what, through good times and bad times, I always know that my Mum will always be there to lend a shoulder to cry on and share a laugh together with. 

Here's to many more birthday celebrations together. 

I wish you all the best for the next year, may all your birthday wishes come true. 

NB My mum will probably never read this post but I still thought it would be nice to put this up. 

October 30, 2013

Weekend In Review - Labour Weekend

This past weekend was Labour weekend in New Zealand. On Monday 28th October we celebrated Labour day, which meant New Zealand got a long 3 day weekend. 

For the hubby and I this meant that we would be spending three glorious sunny days hanging with friends, family & each other making memories and having fun. 

Here's a run down of our weekend with pictures :) 

Friday night we started our long weekend with a good old-fashioned Kiwi dinner of fish & chips and egg burgers. Egg burgers are lovingly known as 'Kiwi' burgers here in New Zealand. 

Saturday was spent making good use of the gorgeous sunshine we were having by doing washing and running errands. 

Saturday night we joined close friends of ours at the local theme park Rainbows End for the annual Halloween Night Rides night. It was awesome catching up with good friends, laughing and having fun. 
I always enjoy hanging out with my friends enjoying the good times together and cherishing the memories made. 

 After our fun and games we headed to the local Denny's Restaurant for a snack and BIG glass of water!
While there I got to meet a local celebrity...heavyweight boxer David Tua.
Here is a photo of myself with him.

Sunday the hubby and I spent the day relaxing together watching TV and not doing a whole lot. I made us a cooked breakfast of bacon, poached eggs, toast and mushrooms.
Sunday night we headed out for dinner and a movie with the hubby's parents. We had tapas for dinner at this amazing restaurant Bolero before watching the movie Captain Phillips. I highly recommend the Captain Phillips movie, it was intense and had you enthralled from the very beginning right through to the very end. Highly emotional in parts but a perfectly told story that made you feel for those involved.

On Monday {Labour Day} the hubby and I headed to the Pop Culture Expo Armageddon.
Here the hubby got to indulge in his love of pop culture and we also got to meet a few celebrities we are fans of.

The hubby got a picture and autograph with Mark Rolsten from Aliens and Super Natural fame. The hubby is a huge fan boy when it comes to anything Aliens related. He has all the movies, numerous collectibles and so far 3 autographs and pictures with actors from the movies.

I myself got to meet Kim Rhodes {The Suite Life of Zac & Cody and Super Natural fame} and Barry Bostwick {Spin City & Super Naturla fame}. I got both of their autographs as well :)

I loved every minute of this weekend as I got to spend it with those that I care about whether it's friends, family or the hubby. Here's to making many more memories and having many more laughs as we continue heading into summer.

May 4, 2013

1 week later....

I'm starting to get good at this whole blogging more often thing (if you think twice a week apart is good).
I think if I continue to blog every Saturday morning while at my Saturday job I should become a much more regular blogger. But we'll see how it really goes :)

This week has been pretty uneventful, I had a walk-in for Air New Zealand on Thursday evening for a job as an air steward (flight attendant) on their Trans-Pacific Region flights (Pacific Islands, Australia and Domestic NZ). Figures crossed I get a call back.

Not much is happening this weekend to write home about, Shaun is also working today (his one Saturday a month role as part of his job); he's also playing football this afternoon, an actual home game which will be nice for him and his team. Nothing exciting happening tomorrow, probably just a quick trip to the shops to buy mother's day presents and pirate costumes for a 5th birthday party we are attending next weekend (will definitely put photos and a blog post up about that). Oh we're also going to the in-laws (Shaun's folks) house for dinner Sunday night which should be nice, haven't seen them for a couple of weeks.

Other than that nothing to report on here, Shaun and I are both well still trying to get the wheels in motion for a Welcome Home Loan so we can purchase our first house together and also I am still trying to find a job 12 months after being made redundant. Keep us in your prayers as we try and fulfill both things - us a mortgage and me a job.

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