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November 4, 2013

Travel Series: Top 10 Travel Makeup Essentials

Here are my top ten travel makeup essentials I love to take with me on every trip, whether it's a big international trip or just a short national trip to watch a live sports game. I will have these 10 items with me no matter what. 
A lot of these items are also part of my go to items when doing my makeup at home. 

Comment below with your favourite makeup items you like to take with you when travelling.

  1. Avon Minerals Liquid Foundation - I am the shade Creamy Natural - this is a great all over coverage foundation while still being light to wear. It's also a mineral foundation which is great for my skin.  
  2. Mascara - I love having mascara with me, it's a great way to make your eyes pop without needing anything else on them. 
  3. Translucent Powder - I prefer a matte style translucent powder as I have an oily T-Zone. It's great for setting my foundation but I also love just throwing it on by itself to help control my oily skin while also looking like I'm wearing no makeup at all. Currently I am using Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in the shade Transparent. 
  4. Lucas Paw Paw Lip balm - miracle worker. Not only is it great for dry or cracked lips (which I am prone to) but it's also great for pimples, itchy bites or rashes. 
  5. Favourite palette of the moment - I like to take a palette that has a good range of colours in it so that I am ready for any situation that may arise. Currently my favourite is Designer Brands Shimmer Palette.
  6. Eye Lash Curler - Is this a makeup item? Well to me it is. I love having this on me and will use it most days even without mascara. I have naturally long lashes so love to give them a quick curl to make them stand out more on my face and open my eyes up. 
  7. Natural Glow Lip Gloss in Sugar Rose - this is my go to lip balm. It is a great colour that suits me well and dresses up any outfit or makeup I have on at that time. 
  8. Blush - My go to blush of all time is Natio brand in the shade Peach Glow. It's the perfect pinky peach colour and adds just that subtle bit of colour to cheeks to make me glow. 
  9. Foldable Mirror - Again not sure if this is a makeup item exactly, but it is essential for me. I like to be able to get close to myself when doing my makeup therefore I'm not a huge fan of doing my makeup in bathroom mirrors, not to mention the light in hotel bathrooms is very artificial. Taking a folding all-in-one mirror allows me to do my makeup where I like with great natural light, it also allows me to get up close and personal with myself while doing it. This mirror is also great for putting my contacts in and out as it has a great magnifying side. 
  10. Bobby Brown Lipstick in #26 Wild Rose. This is my favourite shade from Bobby Brown, it's the perfect shade of pink while also being a great bright pop of colour. {This was also my wedding day lipstick colour}

November 2, 2013

Travel Series: Top Ten Travel Essentials

Below is a list of the top 10 travel essentials I prefer to have with me when travelling at all times. 
They are what make travel for me comfortable. 

  1. Book - I am always reading something, whether hard copy or electronically. If I am not currently reading a hard copy book then I will have my kindle with me with whatever latest electronic book I am reading. I also like to sync my Kindle with the Kindle app for Android on my phone, that way I can read where ever and when ever I choose. The model of Kindle I own is the Kindle Keyboard 3G with Wifi.
  2. iPod - Everyone needs something to drown their annoying seat neighbour out with. I have own an iPod touch. 
  3. Hair Tie - I always like to travel with my hair up and out of my face. This makes it easier to see where I'm going and what I'm doing. 
  4. Headphones - To go with the iPod and also so I have the luxury of having my own personal headphones to use with any in-seat entertainment I may have (screen on seat in front). I use Sony branded ear buds. 
  5. Lip Balm - Lucas Paw Paw - This is a miracle worker. Not only is it great for dry or cracked lips (which I am prone to) but it's also great for pimples, itchy bites or rashes.
  6. Antibacterial Hand Santizer - Airports and planes in general are full of bacteria with travellers going about their business. It's always great to have some anti-bac hand santizer in my handbag for those moments when you're needing a quick snack and the public restrooms are at the other end of the gate but you need to wash your hands before eating. My preferred brand is Purell, I just find it has a nicer smell and doesn't leave your hands as sticky as other brands do. 
  7. Glasses - I am blind as a bat, I won't be going anywhere without them. The style I have is called 'Dorita' from Specsavers
  8. Camera - I always carry a camera on me at all times, even more so now that I am really getting into this whole blogging thing. I love being able to capture everything so that memories of our trips can last forever. The camera model I prefer to carry with me is the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX30V.
  9. Luggage Locks - I have a set I purchased from Strandbags in New Zealand. They are the Lanza brand and I have the colour blue. I use them on all my checked & carry on luggage but not my  personal items (handbag or backpack). These locks are great because you only need 1 key to unlock them all. 
  10. Pen & Notebook - You always need a pen to fill in luggage tags or customs declarations. I also like to have a notebook of some kind on me in case I need to jot down any notes or things to remember. I am very much a pen and paper and list type of person. 
Make sure to come back to see the rest of my travel series.

October 24, 2013

New Travel Series!


With my upcoming travels I thought it would be a great idea to do a travel series of sorts.

I will do a different travel related post every two days or so in the lead up to my upcoming trips to Melbourne & Wellington.

The series will include the following [in no particular order]:

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