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November 23, 2013

The Big C! ~ Cancer ~

It's a very scary thing, even more so when someone close to you is diagnosed with it.

Prostate Cancer... it can affect anyone... your brother, your father, your grandfather, your uncle, your friend, your husband.

My darling father-in-law has just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Father-In-Law on our wedding day {10-11-12}

Of course he is hopefully set to make a full recover [once treatment gets underway], but it is still a very scary, emotional, upsetting thing to hear "I have Cancer".

How does one voice the feelings going through them; the sadness that it's cancer, that it's affecting someone so strong and fit, the elation that it could be much's a mixed bag that's for sure.

I have to be strong for my husband and his family but it does still affect me, he is after all my father-in-law and although we have never been close it still hits home that someone in my family has cancer.

If you met my father-in-law you'd find that he is a very proud man, he doesn't like to ask for help and doesn't share his feelings openly. So for him, this has got to be tough. He is going to have to learn to lean on us all, and ultimately swallow his proud and ask for help.

This journey will not be an easy one, it is going to rip at all of us but especially it will rip at my in-laws.

Helping us through the process is the fact the my in-law's have recently sold their house and are currently looking to buy closer into the city. They currently live about 40-60 minutes out in the country but are looking to move into the city. In fact the Hubby and I are hoping that they will be successful and purchase a house they have their eyes on which is near us (20-25 minutes drive from us), as that will help make this all easier if they are closer to us and also to the Hubby's brother and his partner.

Apologies if this post is a little jumbled, I just wrote it as I thought it.

I will probably blog more about this journey for our family, so keep an eye out for future posts.

Has anyone if your family ever been effected by Cancer? Share below.

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