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January 13, 2014

Hens Day & Night

Lovely Readers...Apologies for the delayed publishing of this blog post. So delayed in fact that this lovely lady married her hubby yesterday! Enjoy this post and look out for a post about their amazing wedding coming soon :) 

In January two of the Hubby and I's closest friends D & C are getting married.

Last Saturday night was us girls chance to toast this amazing event in their lives by celebrating C's Hens day/night. And toasting we certainly did!

It all began at 10:15am with C jumping off the Sky Tower. This was all a huge surprise to her, she had no idea what was install for her over the course of the day and night.

Then all us girls and our inaugural guy (C's brother - Mr Gay World) headed off on a Wine Tour.

We stopped at three amazing wineries where we sampled 7 different wines at each vineyard and also learnt little tidbits and facts about wine making and vineyards in general.

For example....Do you know why they plant red,pink, white or yellow rose bushes at the end of the rows of vines? No?! Well we found out that they are planted for two reasons. Firstly the colour depicts the variety of grape that is planted on that row. Pink and red symbolise a red grape variety and white and yellow symbolise a white grape variety. Secondly, if a Blight disease is going through the vines, the roses will show black spots first before the grape vines, enabling the growers to spray the vines before they becoming infected.

Our first stop of the day was at Soljan's Winery where we learnt all about the art of making wine, champagne and sparkling wine. We also learnt the key difference between what is considered a champagne and a sparkling wine. Sparkling wines are generally just a white wine that has had CO2 put into it.

The second stop for the day was at Matua Valley Wines, this vineyard had the most amazing tasting room. It had gorgeous big windows covering all the walls which allowed you to look out over the grounds and the sun to stream in.

Our last stop on the tour was at Westbrooke Wineries, here we indulged in some sparkling wine while eating our picnic lunch before having our tasting in our very own private tasting room.

We had some time to kill, so decided to head over to The Riverhead Tavern. This was our chance to have some coffee and sober up re-energize ourselves for the big night ahead.

For our evening entertainment, we had exclusive use of a nightclub on K'Road where we danced our feet away and indulged in a few drinks :)

Overall it was an amazing day and night and the perfect send off for Candy as she embarks into married life with her high school sweetheart!!

November 18, 2013

Blog Buzz: On My Way

I have decided to start a new series on here called Blog Buzz. In this series I will showcase a new interesting blog I have recently found or share an old favourite. 

To start me off I will share my friend Alesha's new blog she has recently started called On My Way

On My Way

Her blog is dedicated to her journey back into the world of health and fitness. All while raising an almost 2 year old son and a husband (cause they're totally like children at times, right?!).

Make sure you check her out and leave a comment of support! 

November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Every year good friends of the hubby and I, B & K host a halloween party. 

Here are some pics from the night.

Word of warning...this is a photo only post. 

October 30, 2013

Weekend In Review - Labour Weekend

This past weekend was Labour weekend in New Zealand. On Monday 28th October we celebrated Labour day, which meant New Zealand got a long 3 day weekend. 

For the hubby and I this meant that we would be spending three glorious sunny days hanging with friends, family & each other making memories and having fun. 

Here's a run down of our weekend with pictures :) 

Friday night we started our long weekend with a good old-fashioned Kiwi dinner of fish & chips and egg burgers. Egg burgers are lovingly known as 'Kiwi' burgers here in New Zealand. 

Saturday was spent making good use of the gorgeous sunshine we were having by doing washing and running errands. 

Saturday night we joined close friends of ours at the local theme park Rainbows End for the annual Halloween Night Rides night. It was awesome catching up with good friends, laughing and having fun. 
I always enjoy hanging out with my friends enjoying the good times together and cherishing the memories made. 

 After our fun and games we headed to the local Denny's Restaurant for a snack and BIG glass of water!
While there I got to meet a local celebrity...heavyweight boxer David Tua.
Here is a photo of myself with him.

Sunday the hubby and I spent the day relaxing together watching TV and not doing a whole lot. I made us a cooked breakfast of bacon, poached eggs, toast and mushrooms.
Sunday night we headed out for dinner and a movie with the hubby's parents. We had tapas for dinner at this amazing restaurant Bolero before watching the movie Captain Phillips. I highly recommend the Captain Phillips movie, it was intense and had you enthralled from the very beginning right through to the very end. Highly emotional in parts but a perfectly told story that made you feel for those involved.

On Monday {Labour Day} the hubby and I headed to the Pop Culture Expo Armageddon.
Here the hubby got to indulge in his love of pop culture and we also got to meet a few celebrities we are fans of.

The hubby got a picture and autograph with Mark Rolsten from Aliens and Super Natural fame. The hubby is a huge fan boy when it comes to anything Aliens related. He has all the movies, numerous collectibles and so far 3 autographs and pictures with actors from the movies.

I myself got to meet Kim Rhodes {The Suite Life of Zac & Cody and Super Natural fame} and Barry Bostwick {Spin City & Super Naturla fame}. I got both of their autographs as well :)

I loved every minute of this weekend as I got to spend it with those that I care about whether it's friends, family or the hubby. Here's to making many more memories and having many more laughs as we continue heading into summer.

September 4, 2013

Rainbow's End

Last Sunday, the hubby and I went to Rainbow's End with two of our friends D and C.

Rainbow's End is our local theme park.

Here are some pics from the day :)


                           ~ D & C on the Log Flume Ride ~               ~ Log Flume Ride ~

 ~ Me & the Hubby ~

 ~ My favourite ride - The Invader ~

~ The Hubby & D on the Roller Coaster ~

 ~ The Hubby & D ~

 ~ Goldrush Ride ~

 ~ Me & The Hubby ~

~ D & C ~

August 14, 2013

Life Update

I haven't posted for a week and although that is pretty slack in the blog world, going a week between posts for me is an achievement.

I figured a life update post would be good idea seeing as not much has happened and the weather in these parts has been horrendous especially in the weekend just been so we have been unable to do much.

On the job front for me not much has changed, still plodding along with my Real Estate job (for anyone wondering I am the Sales & Marketing administrator for a branch of LJ Hooker - check us out here!). Although we do have a new phone system, which to some would not be that exciting but for us it is amazing! A bit hard to use, and not as simplified as our last system in terms of answering calls and transferring them around the office. BUT we can now transfer calls to the agents cell phones with is a total hallelujah moment. This function alone makes up for the complication of the whole system.

On the hubby's job front nothing has changed, he's still plodding along with his job. And in his spare time getting his fitness up for his Air Force entrance fitness test - which should hopefully be next month. This is our biggest goal we're working towards at the moment, everything we do is currently centered around this goal. We are really hoping he will get into the Air Force for the January 2014 intake. It will be an amazing achievement and a huge step forward for our little family and future family. Fingers crossed and prayers for this success please.

Speaking of Air Force, one of the hubby's best friends from High School (who we still spend time with) had his entrance fitness test yesterday. All going well he too will get into the Air Force for the January 2014 intake (although in a different job area than the hubby. This too will be a great step forward for his cute little family. And it will give me someone that I already know in the Air Force community which will help makes things easier. Fingers crossed and prayers for him as well please.

In the weekend just been the weather was appalling, not to mention the hubby and I were both working on the Saturday so we didn't get up to anything exciting. Sunday was spent running errands in the pouring rain but we did get to enjoy a Tank Smoothie and Sal's NY Pizza both of which were amazing.

That's all for now on the life update...this weekend we have a friend's 80's themed birthday party so I'll be sure to take photos and put up a post about it :)

December 17, 2012

Kiwi Valley Farm Park

Yesterday we (all 17 of us :]) visited Kiwi Valley Farm Park for one of our friend's son Chase's 1st birthday.

I highly recommend this place as a great outing over summer for kids and adults of all ages.

It was a great, fun day out making memories as we all grow older together into our married lives with children.

Happy 1st Birthday Chase!! 
I hope you will enjoy many more great birthday memories with all of us in tow :]

Here are a few pics from our day out...


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