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May 4, 2013

1 week later....

I'm starting to get good at this whole blogging more often thing (if you think twice a week apart is good).
I think if I continue to blog every Saturday morning while at my Saturday job I should become a much more regular blogger. But we'll see how it really goes :)

This week has been pretty uneventful, I had a walk-in for Air New Zealand on Thursday evening for a job as an air steward (flight attendant) on their Trans-Pacific Region flights (Pacific Islands, Australia and Domestic NZ). Figures crossed I get a call back.

Not much is happening this weekend to write home about, Shaun is also working today (his one Saturday a month role as part of his job); he's also playing football this afternoon, an actual home game which will be nice for him and his team. Nothing exciting happening tomorrow, probably just a quick trip to the shops to buy mother's day presents and pirate costumes for a 5th birthday party we are attending next weekend (will definitely put photos and a blog post up about that). Oh we're also going to the in-laws (Shaun's folks) house for dinner Sunday night which should be nice, haven't seen them for a couple of weeks.

Other than that nothing to report on here, Shaun and I are both well still trying to get the wheels in motion for a Welcome Home Loan so we can purchase our first house together and also I am still trying to find a job 12 months after being made redundant. Keep us in your prayers as we try and fulfill both things - us a mortgage and me a job.


April 27, 2013

It's been a month...

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted on this thing. Talk about lazy!
I have no idea where this month has gone, it's not even like we've been mega busy (okay, maybe we have been).

So far this month we have....gone to Sheep World, I have helped out my sister launch her business at The Grand Wedding Show {check her out here!}, applied for a mortgage to buy our first house {fingers crossed we get approved!}, Shaun has started up winter football season with Birkenhead United Football Club, Shaun and his team mates hosted a quiz night fundraiser to help pay for their fees, this weekend we're house sitting for Shaun's brother Chris, oh and we have a birthday party/bbq to go to tonight.

So maybe this month has been kinda busy, here's hoping next month will be more relaxed. Although so far it's shaping up to be just as busy with birthdays, mother's day, house auctions and me sitting my restricted licence, finally!.


August 8, 2012


One 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit/townhouse/house with a garage under $350 a week.

Is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is.

Who would have thought trying to find a house that will fit all our needs, within a certain price range would be so hard. Usually every time we decide to move houses a new house has popped up straight away that's perfect. This time however we are having no such luck. If by chance one does come up, we're battling against 4 or 5 other couples because these kind of places are so hard to come by.

We've tried everything, giving as much information as we can in the first email, letting it be known we're happy to sign a 6 month lease with option of renewal at the end and still nothing.
Not to mention, not being able to view some properties due to the timing of viewings and Shaun's shift work on Australia time.

It's starting to get to the point we're looking at the option of a flatmate/s. But most people we know are still living at home (for cheap), or are couples in their own places or couples in their own places with children (not that that would put me off living with people, well depending on the child :p)

On top of all of this, we also have our two much loved fur babies which makes finding places that are cat friendly even harder. A lot of landlords these days it seems, are against pets. Probably from previous tenants that have ruined the places with their lack of pet control/mothering. Yes! That's right folks, I put looking after pets in the mothering category. To me, they are just like me children and I will spoil them and love them till the ends of the earth and back (or until I have human children).

Any suggestions on how to find a great house for little money or how to find a great flatmate for our current place or a new place would be greatly appreciated. Cause right now, I'm starting to hate the idea of finding a new place.

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