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November 19, 2013

Vacation Recap: Melbourne Days 4 ~ 6

If you missed my recap on Days 1 - 3 you can see it here.

Apologies for the text heavy post... we didn't take many photos over these few days as we were mainly inside at airports or shopping.

Day 4

Monday we set aside purely for shopping and shopping is definitely what we did. We went everywhere! Starting at Harbour Town which is a must do for outlet shopping, before continuing on to Target Centre, Myer Centre, Melbourne Central and Big W. There was a lot of shopping done so much so we had to make a stop off at the hotel in the middle to drop our purchases to make room for more.

After all this shopping we were pretty knackered so decided room service for dinner and the television was a great way to spend our evening.

Day 5

Our last full day in Melbourne, we chose to have a relaxing day. We lazed in our room until well after 10am, before heading off to do a spot more shopping grabbing some last minute items we were wanting. We also used this time to check out another outlet mall we found (Spencer Outlet Centrewhich just happened to be above Southern Cross Station. We also used this oppourtunity to book our hotel pick up for the following morning to catch the Sky Bus back to Tullamarine to head home.
In the evening we decided to brave the pouring rain and head back out into the city to have a walk around parts we hadn't ventured before and also to check out Flinders Station.
For dinner we headed to an English pub we had found at Melbourne Central, it was cheap, delicious and the meal sizes were enormous.

Apple Cider & Chicken Schnitzel

Day 6

Started at 6am with our alarms going off so that we would be awake and downstairs in time for our 6:30am pick up from our hotel to Southern Cross Station. We caught the Sky Bus to Tullamarine where we were so early our flight hadn't opened for check in. We decided to use this time to go find coffee, earl grey tea and a lemon & poppy seed muffin to share.

Once we checked in we headed straight to customs and the border to access 'air side' where we had a spot to eat for breakfast, grabbed a drink and snack for the plane and had a long browse of the duty free shopping. Other than a couple of family card games based off family board games (Game of Life and Cluedo) we didn't buy anything.

Then we waited and waited and waited... while our flight got gate changed and gate changed and then delayed by an hour before taking off and heading home to Kiwi Land (New Zealand).

November 18, 2013

Vacation Recap: Melbourne Days 1 ~ 3

Day 1

This day was spent travelling to Melbourne, so a lot of time spent in an airplane and airports. 

Once we arrived in Melbourne we navigated our first lot of public transport. We used Melbourne's Sky Bus service to travel from Tullamarine (Melbourne International Airport) to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne CBD. As part of the Sky Bus service, included is a free hotel shuttle which takes you to and from Southern Cross Station and your chosen hotel (or a pick up point nearby). We were fortunate enough to be dropped right at our hotel door. We chose to stay at Grand Chancellor Melbourne, through a deal found on Last Minute an online travel agent.

Once we arrived at our hotel, we checked in, although it was too early for us to go to our room as it wasn't ready. We left our bags in their luggage closet and set out on foot to explore the city, find a supermarket to stock up on things like Soy Milk, snacks, pop (soda) and Earl Grey Tea. It was also a chance for us to start finding our way around the city and indulge in our first spot of shopping.

Once evening came we headed off to Draculas Dinner Theatre for a glimpse into the dark, saucy underworld of a vaudevillian spectacular called Bloodbath. This show was amazing! And definitely not for the faint hearted. It was full of risky burlesque dancing, shock-rock and vampire variety. Draculas as an attraction is definitely a must do!

Day 2
Saturday we woke to gorgeous sunshine and an eagerness to get out and explore the city some more. We managed to do a lot and a lot and a lot of walking (I don't think I've ever walked more than on this vacation). In between all the walking we took in some of the sights Melbourne has to offer.

First up was a trip on the City Circle tram, this is Melbourne's free tram which operates on a clockwise/anti-clockwise loop around the central city distract. Our first stop on the tram was Federation Square where we picked up our MyKi Visitors Pack and a Melbourne magnet. MyKi is the travel smart card that is required when travelling on any public transport in Melbourne. The hubby and I also have this little tradition where we always get a Magnet whenever we visit a new city or attraction together; we also like to collect squashed pennies where ever we go. I also scored a free cosmopolitan magazine from promo girls outside Flinders Station. 

Next we walked across the river and made our way to Eureka Sky Deck. Located on the banks of the Yarra River, Eureka offers 360° floor-to-ceiling views of the Melbourne CBD 300 meters above ground. It is the highest viewing platform in the Southern HemispherWe enjoyed the view and a cup of earl gray tea while up there. 

Various views from Eureka Sky Deck

From Eureka we walked along the Yarra River towards the Crown Entertainment Complex. Here we indulged in silver service Yum Cha (as well as Mocktails) at Lucky Chan, a quick flutter at the 1c slots and  indulging our inner child at the huge arcade located in the complex. I managed to strike it lucky on a space invader game and win 1000 tickets.

From here we walked along the Yarra River towards Melbourne DFO located at South Wharf so that I could buy myself a Guess handbag. This was a particular stop on our trip that was planned for after I happened across the outlet store with an awesome sale section on my first trip to Melbourne in July.
Things we spotted on our walk along the Yarra River
After tiring ourselves out with walking and shopping, we headed back to our hotel to drop our purchases and freshen up before heading out to dinner at the restaurant in the hotel lobby where we indulged in Steak, Hot Chips and steamed green beans drizzled in lemon olive oil.

Day 3
Sunday brought with it fabulous sunshine and the hubby and I's 1 year wedding anniversary. To mark this auspicious occasion we decided a tram ride to St Kilda for brunch was definitely in order.
Us on the City Circle Tram
We brunched at a cafe called Rococo in St Kilda's main street before checking out Luna Park. We enjoyed the fact that Luna Park is free to enter and look around but we were a little taken aback with how expensive the rides are for the few that they have. We did however decide that it wasn't a trip to St Kilda or Luna Park without having a go on the Scenic Railway; a 100 year old roller coaster ride that encompasses the perimeter of Luna Park and gives you views out over St Kilda beach and the park itself. It looks tame, but let me tell you it goes a lot faster then you think.
While at Luna Park we also picked up a St Kilda/Luna Park magnet and of course a squashed penny.

From here we headed back into the CBD on the tram before taking a ride on the wild side.... of the law.... and being locked in jail! As part of a tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol and Police Watch House. This place is full of history dating right back to the times of bush ranger Ned Kelly. The Melbourne Gaol was only decommissioned (is that the right word?!) from use in 1994, it's hard to believe that that wasn't so long ago. It is very interested to read and hear about what life was like for convicts and those accused of crimes in the 1800s & 1900s. 

Us in a cell in the Old Melbourne Gaol

Stay tuned for my recap of Melbourne Days 4 - 6 which should be posted soon. 

September 28, 2013

Weekend In Review

Slight delay on posting this blog fact a new weekend has begun and I still haven't posted it. Better late than never. Here you go, a review of last weekend. Make sure to look out for a review of this weekend in the coming week (I promise it won't be so delayed next time). Also keep an eye out for a new series I'm going to start called Tea Time, starting next week with my favourite tea flavour for the month of September. Enjoy!

Last weekend was one we dedicated to family and spending time together as a couple.

Saturday I of course had to work, but afterwards the hubby and I spent some together checking out a new shop in town T2. After finding this shop on my travel journeys in Melbourne in July with my sister, I am totally in love.
T2 is a loose leaf tea and tea gadget shop, it has everything you could ever dream of needing to make/store/drink tea. It also has a million tons of flavours. This was the hubby's first time experiencing the store (and I'm not sure he as in love with it as I am) but none the less we did walk away with a new flavour of tea. We decided to try French Earl Grey as we are both lovers of traditional Earl Grey tea, we thought this would be perfect to try. We already have Pumping Pomegranate flavour, which is delicious.
We both liked the flavour French Earl Grey had, a slight vanillary (is that a word?) vanilla flavour to it as well as coming across with quite a milky taste (this could have been my tea making skills at play there). All in all we decided it was a nice flavour but will be having it on occasion for a change as opposed to replacing our usual Traditional Earl Grey tea as our flavour of choice.
I like to brew our loose leaf tea using a Tea Maker (pictured below), it's especially great for when you only want to brew 1 cup of tea as opposed to a full tea pot of tea.
If you're ever in Auckland make sure to check out T2 Tea Shop located at 87-93 Queen Street, Auckland.

We also decided to play a little Skip Bo while we drank our tea :) 
The hubby won if you're wondering.

 The hubby also picked up the latest hot game out for Xbox 360 - GTAV (Gran Theft Auto Five). He spent the rest of his Saturday afternoon, checking it out.

Saturday night we went out for dinner with the hubby's parents for my Father-In-Law's birthday. We ate at Serengeti Restaurant in Murray's Bay. This place is amazing, they do fantastic ribs as well as many other delicious dishes. They are a taste of Africa restaurant. The meals are huge! And none of us managed to finish them, the in-law's took home the leftovers. Below are pictures of our meals (before eating them). Also some pics of us on the night :)

                                            ~My meal~                                                   ~Hubby's meal~
                   ~Mother-in-law's meal~                                     ~Father-in-law's meal!~

~ a few pics of the hubby ~

~ the in-law's~ 

~ me & the hubby~

Sunday was spent sleeping in and lazing around home, oh and also a bit of cleaning (what's a Sunday without some cleaning!). Sunday evening we went up to the in-law's for dinner, where we were joined by the hubby's brother C and his girlfriend S. The hubby also did a few chores to help out his parents. Pics below!

Here's a picture of the parent-in-law's cat Jazz just for show :)

August 6, 2013


Way back at the beginning of July (I know I'm slack with this whole posting thing) sister and I went to Melbourne, Australia for a few days.

The trip was kind of a business trip (for her) and a shopping trip for me.

Here are a few photos from our time there :D


Wrapped against the cold, enjoying 
San Churro @ Harbourtown Shopping Centre

Tram in Melbourne 

San Churro!

We did a-lot of shopping

Cake shop in St Kilda - every 
second shop was a cake/pastry shop

T2 Tea Shop - my new favourite place

Yum Cha silver service style!

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