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February 12, 2014

Blog Buzz: Combat Fitness

Today I'm sharing with you a blog by one of my closest friends Caleb. 

He writes over at Combat Fitness, a blog all about combating fitness and going from Fat to Fit

A bit of background story.... 

Way back in 2012 Caleb decided to pursue his dream of being in the military. In order to accomplish this dream of his, he had to go from 'Fat to Fit'. As his friend, I have witnessed him accept this challenge head on and seen him charge before my very eyes {see pic below} losing a whopping 23kg's. He did this without a gym membership and expensive equipment just his own motivation to keep going. 

Now that he has transformed himself into 'Fit' he has taken up blogging about both his weight loss and fitness journey and using the knowledge and skills he has learned along the way to help others on their journeys from 'Fat to Fit'. 

Make sure you check him out and give him some encouragement. 

You can find him over on his blog here or check out his Facebook page!

p.s. lookout for him in future right here on Rambling Kiwi, I am going to see if he will do a guest post on a beginners workout for those of you who are wanting to go Fat to Fit but don't know where to start. 

November 18, 2013

Blog Buzz: On My Way

I have decided to start a new series on here called Blog Buzz. In this series I will showcase a new interesting blog I have recently found or share an old favourite. 

To start me off I will share my friend Alesha's new blog she has recently started called On My Way

On My Way

Her blog is dedicated to her journey back into the world of health and fitness. All while raising an almost 2 year old son and a husband (cause they're totally like children at times, right?!).

Make sure you check her out and leave a comment of support! 

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