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June 4, 2016

Clean Slate....

Wow! I aplogise my lovely readers, I have been slack! My last post was way back in July 2014.
A lot has happened since then....

  • I have had a baby  who is now a thriving 19 month old
  • We have moved house three times - more on that later 
  • I have launched my own business! - I will dedicate a whole post to that'
  • Plus the usual celebrations, sadness, weddings...the list goes on!

Keep an eye on the blog, over the next few weeks I will refresh the look, update things and start dedicating more time to post updates and small snippets of our life.

August 2, 2012


After finding some amazing blogs via Pinterest and reading them like novels, I have decided that a blog about everyday life and not a specific topic as such may be an easy thing.

Over the years, I've made, designed, started and stopped many different blogs. All subject specific which makes it hard to keep up with the blog posting. But after reading blogs that just seem to be written around life, love and everyday happenings I feel that I can do that too.

So here goes, a blog about life, love, adventures, my fur babies and my future hubby Shaun.

Wish me luck!

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