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April 2, 2013


This post is a tad delayed (alright 5 months delayed!) but I have a good excuse reason why. You see I somehow managed to lose the cord for my camera that enables you to upload the photos to a computer, and I don't have a fancy computer where you put the memory card into a nifty slot on the side and away you go.
I have recently found the lost cord and am now able to catch up on posts about what we've been up to, in particular.... Our Honeymoon!!

Seeing as we were quite outrageously poor after the wedding, we decided to use some money gifted to us towards a honeymoon in good ole Rotovegas! or Rotorua for those of you not from Kiwi land.

We started our trip off with a stop in Hamilton at Hogs Breath Cafe for lunch. This place is amazing and has the best steak meals ever. And did I mention curly fries! To die for!


Then it was on wards to Rotorua for 3 days of fun and amazing food.

We went up the Gondola and checked out the Jelly Belly shop, a whole shop devoted to jelly beans of all different colours and flavours. We even had a go at Bean Boozled, lets just say it wasn't pleasant.

We checked out the Rotorua Museum and learnt all about the early days of Rotorua and their mud baths. Rotorua is famous for its stinky smell and glorious geo thermal hot pools, geysers and mud pools.

We also visited Rainbow Springs, 22 hectares of native trees, streams and wildlife from all over New Zealand.

Thankfully the rain held off until our final day, which wasn't too bad, as we were heading home anyway :)

All in all it was a glorious few days away from the mundane routine of every day life and a chance for us to bask in the fact we were finally married!

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