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I'm Holly


Umm, a little bit about myself- I'm a country girl who moved to the 
big smoke (although you wouldn't know it by looking at me).
I wanted to blog for quite some time but didn't think my life 
was interesting enough to write about.
I went back and forth debating on it and finally decided 
stuff it
I'm gonna start my own blog!
I love what the blogging community does in supporting and 
connecting with fellow bloggers. 

Some Back Story:

I lived on Great Barrier Island until I needed to attend high school, then I went 
to boarding school in Auckland for 5 years.
When I was 16 my parents decided to move our whole family to the big
smoke (Auckland) so my younger sister could go to high school. 
When I was 17 I traveled to China on a school music trip and absolutely 
loved it & so began my love of everything Asian.
I am married! Find our love story here.
I met my hubby on Facebook of all places, and 5.5 years later we're still going strong!
He's British & I'm Maori (aboriginal New Zealander) but somehow we make it work. 
We live in Auckland with my parents, younger sister & two cats.
I work in Real Estate and the hubby works in Technology. 

Follow me and the random ramblings of my life to see how it all turns out

~Random things about yours truly~

I love tea - any tea - fruit, black, sweet, iced, hot - I love it!
I grew up on an island - Great Barrier Island! - Check it out here and here
I am half Maori, half European - but I am full Kiwi!
I have a slight giant caffeine/coke zero addiction
I went to boarding school for 4 years
I adore children's movies
I have a hand bag addiction 
I am starting to gain quite a make up collection (& turning into a huge girly girl)

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