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August 14, 2013

Life Update

I haven't posted for a week and although that is pretty slack in the blog world, going a week between posts for me is an achievement.

I figured a life update post would be good idea seeing as not much has happened and the weather in these parts has been horrendous especially in the weekend just been so we have been unable to do much.

On the job front for me not much has changed, still plodding along with my Real Estate job (for anyone wondering I am the Sales & Marketing administrator for a branch of LJ Hooker - check us out here!). Although we do have a new phone system, which to some would not be that exciting but for us it is amazing! A bit hard to use, and not as simplified as our last system in terms of answering calls and transferring them around the office. BUT we can now transfer calls to the agents cell phones with is a total hallelujah moment. This function alone makes up for the complication of the whole system.

On the hubby's job front nothing has changed, he's still plodding along with his job. And in his spare time getting his fitness up for his Air Force entrance fitness test - which should hopefully be next month. This is our biggest goal we're working towards at the moment, everything we do is currently centered around this goal. We are really hoping he will get into the Air Force for the January 2014 intake. It will be an amazing achievement and a huge step forward for our little family and future family. Fingers crossed and prayers for this success please.

Speaking of Air Force, one of the hubby's best friends from High School (who we still spend time with) had his entrance fitness test yesterday. All going well he too will get into the Air Force for the January 2014 intake (although in a different job area than the hubby. This too will be a great step forward for his cute little family. And it will give me someone that I already know in the Air Force community which will help makes things easier. Fingers crossed and prayers for him as well please.

In the weekend just been the weather was appalling, not to mention the hubby and I were both working on the Saturday so we didn't get up to anything exciting. Sunday was spent running errands in the pouring rain but we did get to enjoy a Tank Smoothie and Sal's NY Pizza both of which were amazing.

That's all for now on the life update...this weekend we have a friend's 80's themed birthday party so I'll be sure to take photos and put up a post about it :)

May 18, 2013

It's Official

I am now employed!!!

As of Monday I will be the newly employed administrator for RDR Realty trading as LJ Hooker-Harveys Mt Roskill :)

This is such awesome news, as I have been unemployed for 15.5 months since being made redundant in April 2012.

It's also awesome because it will make saving to buy a house that much easier, as well as give us some extra spending money that we haven't had for a while.

I'm excited for the oppourtunities this job will give me, both personally and professionally.


November 24, 2012

Working on a Saturday

Every now and then I get to work on a Saturday (my sister and I job share).
I know some of you out there are probably thinking "Why would you do that?"
The simple answer, is very easy cash in hand money. That's why.

I work at

I do 4 hours on a Saturday, which basically means I open the office, turn the lights on and proceed to spend all my time on Facebook, YouTube and today, blogging. Before turning the lights off, locking the office and going home. 

I'm hoping to use today's time to re-do the blog... Again! 

Fingers crossed I like the design this time. 

Until next time... have a good weekend! :)

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