Gluten Free

Please note: I have listed where I specifically have found the products below & also specifically the flavours I have found - there may be other flavour options available & other stores may carry the product and/or different flavours to what is listed below. 
I have also linked brands/companies where applicable - there websites may offer a larger range of products than are available in New Zealand. 

This list will be added to as I discover more products, if you have found products that are Gluten Free please feel free to leave a comment below stating the product, flavour(s) & where you found/purchased them. 

Breads etc

  • Burgen Gluten Free Bread - Countdown
  • Gluten Freedom Bread - Brown;White - New World (much softer than other Gluten Free breads)


  • Cake Mark - Coconut Macaroons - Countdown


  • Whittakers Chocolate Blocks - 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana; 72% Cocoa Ghana Peppermint; 62% Cocoa Dark Almond; 62% Cocoa Dark Cacao; 50% Cocoa Dark Block - Most Supermarkets
  • Whittakers Chocolate Pips - 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana; 50% Cocoa Dark Chocolate - Most Supermarkets
  • Whittakers Chocolate Mini Slabs - 50% Cocoa Dark Peppermint - Most Supermarkets
  • Sweet William Dairy Free Bars - Not Nuts; Original; Rice Crackle - East West Organics
  • Sweet William Dairy Free Chocolate Blocks - White Delight; Original - Countdown & New World

Ice Cream

  • Lite Licks 946ml - Hokey Pokey; Vanilla - New World (Berry Fruit, Hokey Pokey & Vanilla flavours are also wheat free)

Other Snacks
  • Frooze Balls - All flavours - Health Shops, Revive Cafes, gourmet cafes, wholefood stores across NZ 
  • Ecco Crunch Snack Ball - Most Supermarkets; Dairies

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